HB10 Compaction Simulator

University University of Copenhagen(UCPH)
Contact Person Jukka Rantanen
Contact Person Keywords process spectroscopy, Continuous processing, powder characterization, chemometrics, solid-state properties

Instrument Details

Instrument name HB10 Compaction Simulator
Instrument type Compaction simulator
Instrument Keywords process spectroscopy
Year of manufacture
Short Description Double ended rated force 50kN; Max rated punch speed 2.5 mm/s each actuator; Position resolution 1 micron, Force resolution <2N. Servo-hydraulic double acting press, Integrated hydraulic pump, Simple operating software Rigid steel core, Precision instrumentation load and position, upper and lower; Many instrumentation options; Optional automatic hoppers; Optional automatic Take-Off; Multi-layer capability; Convenient safety guards for ergonomic and safe operation; Quick tooling installation – pre-aligned punches and die; Accommodates all standard tooling types; Easy clean design with simple removable tool holders, Can be wheeled away for cleaning, Stainless steel and approved plastics for product contact parts, Low power consumption, Force and velocity controlled tests
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Instrument Operating Instructions
Terms of use
Instrument Location Lab 790-11-1-131
Instrument Status and Reliability In operation since 2017. No particular issues.