Xplore micro compounder

University University of Copenhagen(UCPH)
Contact Person Jukka Rantanen
Contact Person Keywords process spectroscopy, Continuous processing, powder characterization, chemometrics, solid-state properties

Instrument Details

Instrument name Xplore micro compounder
Instrument type Lab compounder with rheological software
Instrument Keywords - experimental design
Year of manufacture
Short Description The core of the compounders is a vertically positioned, liquid-tight barrel with two easily detachable, conical mixing screws. Both screws and housing are specially engineered to minimize wear and to resist chemicals in a wide temperature range. The robust design ensures the generation of reproducible and stable data for years. The vertical position of the liquid-tight barrel allows the processing of low viscous fluids down to ca. 10 Pa.s It can also be used in continuous mode if only melting and extrusion is needed (filaments, films), also vertical extrusion possible, fluids can be dosed without leakage.
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Terms of use
Instrument Location Lab 790-11-1-131A
Instrument Status and Reliability In operation since 2013. No particular issues.