drug delivery

People University Keywords
Thomas Rades University of Copenhagen(UCPH) formulations, drug delivery, drug delivery systems, lipid based drug delivery, amorphous formulations, poorly water soluble drugs, physico-chemical characterization, Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry
Birger Brodin University of Copenhagen(UCPH) Cell models of barrier tissues, intestinal models, blood-brain barrier models, lung models, kidney models, drug delivery
Hanne Mørck Nielsen University of Copenhagen(UCPH) drug delivery systems, drug delivery, Biomaterials, Peptide/protein drug delivery, mucosal membrane drug delivery, cell penetrating peptides (CPP), antimicrobials, antimicrobial peptides, mucoadhesive systems, Nanoparticles, nano/microparticles, cell toxicity, membrane interactions
Camilla Foged University of Copenhagen(UCPH) vaccine design and delivery, Nanomedicines, drug delivery, Immunology, Biomaterials
Jarkko Rautio University of Eastern Finland(UEF) prodrugs, drug targeting, physico-chemical characterization, in vivo PK studies, drug transporters, drug delivery
Shiqi Wang University of Helsinki(UI) biomimetic, hydrogels, drug delivery
Monica Ferreira University of Helsinki(UI) drug targeting, drug delivery, Nanoparticles
May Wenche Jøraholmen The Arctic University of Norway(UiT) vaginal therapy, drug delivery
Sybil Akua Okyerewa Obuobi The Arctic University of Norway(UiT) drug delivery, drug delivery systems, Biomaterials
Berglind Eva Benediktsdottir University of Iceland(UEF) Exosomes, drug delivery, cancer treatment, size-exclusion chromatography, cell layer permeation studies
Elisa Maria Parra Ortiz University of Copenhagen(UCPH) Membrane biophysics, lipid-protein interactions, surface and colloid chemistry, drug delivery, lipid based drug delivery, lipid nano- and microparticles
Sara Malekkhaiat Häffner University of Copenhagen(UCPH) drug delivery, Membrane biophysics, antimicrobial peptides, inorganic nanoparticles, membrane interactions
Bruno Carlo Borro University of Copenhagen(UCPH) physico-chemical characterization, drug delivery, drug delivery systems, polymeric microgels, antimicrobial peptides
Alexander Høgmoen Åstrand University of Oslo(UO) synthesis, Medicinal chemistry, - metal chelation, - antimicrobial resistance, - antibiotics, drug delivery, - organic chemistry, process spectroscopy, - public outreach activities