physico-chemical characterization

People University Keywords
Thomas Rades University of Copenhagen(UCPH) formulations, drug delivery, drug delivery systems, lipid based drug delivery, amorphous formulations, poorly water soluble drugs, physico-chemical characterization, Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry
Jesper Østergaard University of Copenhagen(UCPH) physico-chemical characterization, photostability testing of drug substances and drug products, in vitro dissolution and release testing
Jessica Rosenholm ÅBO Akademi University(AAU) Nanotechnology, drug delivery systems, imaging agents, materials development, physico-chemical characterization
Jarkko Rautio University of Eastern Finland(UEF) prodrugs, drug targeting, physico-chemical characterization, in vivo PK studies, drug transporters, drug delivery
Leena Peltonen University of Helsinki(UI) supersaturation, dissolution, controlled release, Nanotechnology, nanocrystals, physico-chemical characterization, poorly water soluble drugs, precipitation and dissolution , Solubility and dissolution profiling, solubility enhancement
Tapani Viitala University of Helsinki(UI) physico-chemical characterization, Membrane biophysics, bioassays, Nanotechnology, surface and colloid chemistry
Bruno Carlo Borro University of Copenhagen(UCPH) physico-chemical characterization, drug delivery, drug delivery systems, polymeric microgels, antimicrobial peptides
Liv Sofia Elinor Damgaard University of Copenhagen(UCPH) Liposomal drug delivery, physico-chemical characterization, Small angle X-ray scattering
Reidar Lund University of Oslo(UO) -soft matter, physico-chemical characterization, -physical chemistry, Peptide/protein drug delivery, Biopolymers, x-ray scattering, neutron scattering